X-Packer 2019

What is X-Packer?
X-PacKer is an application which allows you to extract and inject files and textures from wrestler pac files and textures archives from the WWE series of games. It also allow for editing the save files for the xbox 360,ps3 and pc. This allows for modding of the game.

Platforms supported: Ps3, xbox 360, ps2, wii, PC.

  Please note that decompression of OODL files is handled externally to X-Packer. If you wish to decompress these files, please copy the oo2core_6_win64.dll file from your 2k19 installation directory to the X-Packer 2019 installation directory. 

I cannot include this dll file with X-Packer as I cannot supply copyrighted files, so please do not ask me to do so. X-Packer does not contain any source code to compress or decompress OODL files, this is done via the
oo2core_6_win64.dll file. 

Obtaining the software 

- The cost of the software is $14. Payment can be made via paypal to sf4mods@gmail.com. 
- I will email you a link to the program once payment has been received. 
- Please start the program and send me the serial key displayed, I will send you an activation code. 
- Please note the license for the program is for a single computer, if you wish to use the program on more than one pc, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

Feature List 

v 2019.0

 - Decompression of OODL files. Please copy the oo2core_6_win64.dll file from your 2k19 installation directory to the X-Packer 2019 installation directory for this to work.

- Reading of new SHDC formats

- 2k19 / 2k18 save editing functions to add wrestlers, edit wrestler info and basic entrance / moveset editing.

- New functions for creating compressed zlib pac archives. These function fixes issues with extracting and decompressing compressed archives.

- Updated zlib decompression functions, fixing issues with certain files not decompressing correctly.

- Settings for offset changes in the save file due to game patches. These settings can be found under the settings menu. At present the values are set to 0, when a new patch is applied, the amount the offset for the save file increases by can be set here, retaining compatibility with the X-Packer.

- Updated values for the misc.pac file.

- Flat theme and logo applied.


Disclaimers and Notes

a) This program is released as is.

b) There are no guarantees whatsoever that this programs will not harm your computer in any way (even though they shouldn't).

c) Always remember to backup your files.

d) You must own a legal copy of the game to extract and use pac files. The author of this application does not condone piracy in any form.

e) All images, names and likenesses represented in the images, resources or textures are copyrighted by their respective owners.

f) This program is used completely at your own risk and I don't take any responsibility for anything (good or bad) that may happen by using them.

h) Bugs, suggestions, comments can be posted on my blog: http://sf4mods.blogspot.com or on the smacktalks site

i) The unrrbpe application included with this is created by Asmodean (http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/unrrbpe.html).